NT-IPXB XBus/StrongMesh Thermostat Network Controller


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The NT-IPXB network controller supports up to 32 Net/X XBUS wired or StrongMesh wireless thermostats.  The NT-IPXB includes a real-time clock/calendar that allows simple, yet robust environment control.  The network controller enables simple integration with any control system, automation system or personal computer.  An Ethernet jack with 10/100Mbps connectivity is integrated for easy connection to a LAN.  The 2-line LCD display show the network settings of the device, including IP address, port number, subnet mask, gateway and more.  Screwless terminals make for easy XBUS thermostat communications.  A 7ft Ethernet serial cable and 5VDC power supply is a also included.



  • Hardware
  • One RJ-45 Ethernet Jack, 10/100Mbps communications
  • Two XBUS Communications Ports for wired XBUS and/or wirless StrongMesh
  • Allows full control of up to 32 thermostats on the controller
  • No additional hardware needed at the thermostat
  • Any Net/X wired XBUS thermostat can be up to 1000' away;  Combined total of 4000' for all thermostats
  • Only two wires needed for communications with the thermostat using CAT5 cabling
  • Advanced protection circuitry for data inputs/outputs
  • Non-volatile clock/calendar setpoint memory
  • Integrated Real-Time Clock/Calendar allows up to 1000 schedule programs

  • Software/Manuals
  • Open ASCII Protocol allows custom software development
  • ASCII Protocol Summary and complete Protocol Manual available
  • Installation Manual included;  Pre-wire Manual available
  • Net/X Command Center, Windows-based software available online
  • All Manuals/Software/Application Notes available on the web site
  • Note:  Specification subject to change without notice.
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