Network Thermostat – Full Spectrum Energy Management Solution   

Network Thermostat has four (4) families of IP thermostats (network thermostats) allowing customers to select the best communication architecture for their particular need. With TWO (2) WIRED Communications Families (XBus™ & Ethernet) and TWO (2) WIRELESS Communications Families (StrongMesh™ & Wi-Fi), Network Thermostat leads the industry with more communications options than any other manufacturer.
Why do we have so many options? As the leader in communicating thermostats for nearly two decades, we truly understand what's needed to solve the different challenges that arise in applications of every type.

NetX™ network thermostats allow full control and feedback of all functions and temperature readings on the thermostat. Besides their world class functionality, the NetX™ thermostat has a low profile, award winning design that blends well with any decor.

Most models include the Remote Sensor Bus, allowing the connection of additional items such as an outdoor sensor or a supply air sensor, and up to six remote indoor sensors or a return air duct sensors, plus other auxiliary sensors.

Robertshaw Climate – Reliable thermostats for every need!

Whether you're looking for a simple mechanical thermostat, a digital non-programmable thermostat, Wi-Fi connected thermostat, or a sophisticated trilingual, color touchscreen, 7-day programmable thermostat, we've got the right solution for you.

Robertshaw Climate, offers state-of-the-art digital electronic thermostats give you the power and flexibility you need to schedule your home and business.

When you select a Robertshaw thermostat, you’ve made the choice of an industry partner that’s been making quality products for 100 years