Network Thermostat – Remote Sensors & Onboard Sensors

NetX provides an entire family of remote sensing products for use with the X7, X5 and UP32 thermostat families. The NT-URS communicating universal remote sensors and the optional add-on probes (NT-PROBE-SS8, NT-OUTDOOR, NT-RS-S, NT-FS and NT-WL-H) , and the NT-DRS communicating duct remote sensors (Aux1, Aux2, Aux3) can be utilized.  The RSBus advanced remote sensor network allows multiple sensors to be connected in a daisy-chain manner to a NetX thermostat. The intelligence of the network includes automatic averaging for the INDOOR sensors if multiple sensors are connected.

The NT-MOD-CO2 is the latest in the NetX sensor family.  This CO2 sensors plugs into the accessory port on the X7 thermostat and allows CO2 monitoring, max reading recording and alerting on high CO2 levels.  This sensor, when connected to an X7, meets California codes.