XBus Wired Systems

The Net/X XBus wired systems have been shipping for nearly 20 years with thousands of systems of all sizes deployed around the world. By deploying customer solutions for a wide variety of HVAC control needs, these wired communications systems use Net/X's exclusive 'free topology' for cabling, allowing the most efficient cabling methods to be used. A Net/X XBus system integrates our powerful network controller(s) with the GE22-NX (conventional gas/electric) and HP32-NX (heat pump) thermostats, allowing simple management and scheduling of all of your HVAC systems. Using our popular (and free) Net/X Command Center software for Windows environments or the sophisticated Net/X-Web Cloud Service, NetworkThermostat makes it simple to effortlessly configure your daily schedules and vacations. 

See Full Details at: http://www.networkthermostat.com/products/xbus%E2%84%A2-wired-systems