NetX-Web Suite (XBus & StrongMesh Platforms)

NetX-Web Cloud Suite for XBus & StrongMesh Systems (3rd Party)

Adding NetX-Web™ Internet-based management service greatly enhances the power of your new or existing NetX™ XBus or StrongMesh system.  It takes our already highly efficient system to the next level with even more control, management, reporting and savings. In addition to our famous point-and-click scheduling and real-time control, NetX-Web™ provides a host of charts and graphs for dynamically viewing historical events and data. These features allow for the complete analysis of ever-changing HVAC environments, giving you the power to fine tune schedules and setpoints for even greater energy savings while maintaining comfort.

Plus, NetX-Web™ has all of NetworkThermostat’s familiar point-and-click, drag-and-drop ease of use that has simplified HVAC control for over a decade.

NetX-Web™ is a browser based environment for the Net/X™ XBus and StrongMesh thermostat systems, allowing full thermostat real-time control, scheduling and monitoring, accessed in a multi-user environment, from any computer operating system: PC, Mac or even Linux. NetX™-Web supports all of the major browsers including Internet Explorer, Safari and Mozilla Firefox. For all of NetworkThermostat’s customers since 1995, migrating to Net/X-Web™ is as simple as using the one-button Import function, allowing each project to be pulled into the new service automatically.

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