NT-MOD-CO2 Add-In CO2 Sensor

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The NT-MOD-CO2 is a revolutionary CO2 sensor with no field calibration needed for five (5) years. The plug-in form factor of the NT-MOD-CO2 is designed to integrate with the Wi-Fi and Ethernet versions of the NetX X7 Series Thermostat. Current and maximum levels of CO2 can be displayed on the NetX X7 faceplate. NT-MOD-CO2 allows NetX X7 Series thermostats to sense, monitor and data log CO2 readings. The NT-MOD-CO2 meets California AB-841 requirements. The NT-MOD-CO2 is field swappable for ease of installation.

General Information

  • CO2 Sensing
  • CO2 Monitoring
  • CO2 Data Logging
  • CO2 Value can be Displayed on X7 Thermostat
  • CO2 Max Reading can be Displayed on X7 Thermostat
  • Field Installable and Replaceable
  • No Calibration Needed for 5 Years
  • Meets California AB-841 Requirements

For more information see the NT-MOD-CO2 page on Network Thermostat Click Here