NT-WL-H Water Leak Probe - Horizontal Mount (Requires NT-URS)


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The NetX NT-WL-H is a simple to install water leak sensor probe that connects to either the NT-URS Universal Remote Sensor or the NT-URS-ULE Wireless Remote Sensor. Up to two probes can be connected using the remote input terminals.

The NT-WL-H is a horizontal mount probe with strong double stick tape for attachment to the bottom of a drip pan, and two screw holes for mounting to other surfaces.

The probe includes a 6ft cable and up to two NT_WL-H can be connected to a single NT-URS.  The NT-WL-H must be used in conjunction with a NetX Universal Remote Sensor and an X5 or X7 Series thermostat. The X5/X7 thermostat will display a warning message when a leak is detected, can be configured to turn the HVAC equipment off, and to automatically send email and SMS messages.

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