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UV-STYLO-E is formed by a Stainless Steel AISI 304 triangular main frame, within which an UV-C rays emitter tube is inserted.

The tube is protected by a pure quartz bulb, transparent to the rays of a wavelength of 253.7 nm (UV-C), supported by a cylinder of plastic material, which fulfills the dual function of containing the electrical connection between tube and power cable, and to support the quartz. The complete device reaches the protection class IP 67 - 10m. The quartz also performs the important function of protecting the UV-C tube by low temperatures, creating a cushion of air between the tube and the outside environment, while increasing the yield of the lamp. The quartz may be protected by a thermo-retracted UVLON PIPE sheath to hold the glass fragments from possible breakage of the same. This is a special UV-C transparent and resistant plastic sleeve, also resistant to tearing, to wear, to any aggressive chemical and with a FDA certification for use with food.

UV-STYLO-E is available in various lengths and powers to meet the different needs of use. All models are exclusively made of materials UV-C, humidity and cold resistant. The use is allowed only in the absence people, ie in closed spaces or otherwise properly shielded.