NT-RELAY Ethernet Dual Relay Module with Dual Inputs


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The NT-RELAY communicating relay module is designed for adding scheduling and control to any generic relay application. The relay module represents the latest in communications techniques incorporated into a rugged plastic case. The module contains two (2) independently controllable relays, each with NC, Common and NO connections, and two (2) independent digital inputs. The Ethernet communications allows simple connection to your local LAN and the Internet. The NT-RELAY has a built-in web server for independent operation using only a web browser, and it can also be used with the NetX Command Center software, giving complete access and control from any location. Each NT-RELAY may be addressed separately via IP addresses. Built-in non-volatile memory allows up to 6 events for each day of the week. 5VDC power supply included.


  • Two (2) Independent Relays per module
  • All relays are SPDT type, 5A@28VAC, 5A@24VDC
  • Power input 5VDC, +/- 10%, 500mA
  • Built-In Web Browser
  • 10/100 Ethernet Connection
  • Non-volatile memory for storage of up to 100 schedules
  • No battery needed with power outages of any duration
  • Scheduled events are triggered from relay module
  • Daily time/day clock synchronization from Net/X Command Center software or Internet Clock
  • Applications include damper control, lighting, setback control, event scheduling
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