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UV-STYLO-X is a UV-C device made of a pure quartz sleeve that contains a germicidal UV-C lamp. Lamp and quartz are supported by a stainless steel AISI 304 flange, from which the power supply cable with a quick-plug connection comes out.

The flange allows you to install the device and fix it in the selected spot with three simple screws, after PIC 1 making a hole for the insertion of Ø 45/47 mm.

The device is IP40 protection class. The quartz has the important function of protecting the UV lamp by low and high temperatures, creating an air space between lamp and external environment, in this way it increases lamp performances.

The quartz could also be protected by a thermo-retracted UVLON PIPE sleeve to avoid glass fragments fall after possible breakage. UVLON PIPE is a special plastic sleeve, UV-C transparent and resistant, that does not tear, wear, and is proof to any aggressive chemicals. It has also a FDA certification for use with food.

UV-STYLO-X can be installed in narrow spaces, for the disinfection of inner surfaces of containers.

The installation is made simply by performing a hole directly where you want to apply the UV-C irradiation, as for example on the wall of a collection silos for food products. Then you need to put the device inside the hole made and fixed the hexagonal flange.

In this way, the UV-C lamp will irradiate the container inner space 360 °, while the device power supply will remain outside.

UV-STYLO-X is available in various lengths and powers to meet different needs of use. All models are exclusively made with suitable materials, UV-C, humidity and cold resistant. The use is allowed only in the absence of people, ie in closed spaces. Otherwise it must be properly shielded.