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UV-FCU-CL series consists of a kit including a UV-C germicidal lamp of reduced size complete with power supplies and fixing accessories such as clips and other, ready to be installed inside fan coils or in centralized air conditioning systems (AHU - Air Treatment Unit), with the aim of eliminating the microbial load (bacteria and mold) from the thermal batteries (Coils).

UV-FCU-CL can be installed in narrow spaces, and it has been designed specifically for application inside FAN-COIL (fan coil units) thanks to its great versatility.

The lamp could also be protected by UVLON® -PIPE a heat shrink tubing that carries the degree of protection to IP44, also in case of breakage of the lamp itself, it retains the fragments. UVLON PIPE is a special plastic sleeve, UV-C transparent and resistant, that does not tear, wear, and is proof to any aggressive chemicals. It has also a FDA certification for use with food.

UV-FCU-CL is available in various lengths and powers to meet different needs of use. All models are exclusively made with suitable materials, UV-C, humidity and cold resistant.

The use is allowed only in the absence of people, ie in closed spaces. Otherwise it must be properly shielded.