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RS-PWIRE Phantom Wire Kit

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    The RS-PWIRE Phantom Wire device allows the installer to connect any Net/X thermostat when a common wire is not available in the existing thermostat cable. This handy device creates a phantom wire. In many existing installations, older thermostat cables don't have a common (24VAC common) wire because they were not needed for the mechanical thermostats originally installed. Years ago, it was typical for the cable to only have four (4) conductors. The RS-PWIRE creates the common wire so the HVAC unit can be used along with any NetX thermostat or just about any other thermostat requiring a 24VAC common. Additionally, the RS-PWIRE includes screw-less terminals, color-coded wiring for the HVAC unit connection, and LEDs on the unit to show power, heat, cool and fan calls are being created from the thermostat, practically eliminating troubleshooting.


    • Two (2) Independent Relays per module
    • All relays are SPDT type, 5A@28VAC, 5A@24VDC
    • Power input 5VDC, +/- 10%, 500mA
    • Built-In Web Browser
    • 10/100 Ethernet Connection
    • Non-volatile memory for storage of up to 100 schedules
    • No battery needed with power outages of any duration
    • Scheduled events are triggered from relay module
    • Daily time/day clock synchronization from Net/X Command Center software or Internet Clock
    • Applications include damper control, lighting, setback control, event scheduling
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