NT-BAS BACnet Gateway

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    The industry standard Building Automation Control Network (BACnet) protocol is used in nearly all major building automation systems (BAS). The NT-BAS connects directly to any of our powerful Net/X platforms using Wi-Fi or Ethernet and translates the information to BACnet/IP, adding BAS support for the Net/X thermostats and remote sensors. The NT-BAS provides translation for BACnet MS/TP, BACnet/IP, Metasys N2 by JCI, Modbus RTU, and Modbus TCP. There are no configuration files to download in the field and all configurations are available to the user/installer simply by selecting the proper DIP switches for the protocol desired and selecting the thermostat model(s) in the embedded web server.

    Commercial facilities can start managing their HVAC systems and saving energy dollars using programmable wired Ethernet or wireless Wi-Fi platforms to schedule and manage your HVAC system. As the facility continues to expand and the need for lighting control, access control and event management becomes a requirement, the investment in the Net/X HVAC system is safe. Simply add a NT-BAS to the existing Net/X system for simple integration with the BAS system of choice. NetworkThermostat integrates seamlessly with your expansion decisions.

    • Profile Selection via Integrated Web Server for Configuration
    • Configuration Auto-Selector (via DIP switches)
    • Auto-Discover All Points for Known Devices
    • NT-BAS Supports 1 x Ethernet and 2 x RS-485 Ports
    • Field Upgradable
    • Supports all Net/X™ Communications Platforms; Wi-Fi, Ethernet, XBus, StrongMesh
    • Supports all Net/X™ RP32 and UP32 Programmable Thermostat Models
    • Supports all Net/X™ GE22 and HP32 Setback Thermostat Models
    • Supports Read/Write of all real-time points of operation
    • Supports Read of all real-time remote sensor points, digital inputs and occupancy
    • Supports Read/Write of all Schedules, Overrides and Vacation Modes
    • Up to 40 Thermostats per Gateway
    • BTL Registered Certified