Electronic Sensors

NetX provides an entire family of remote sensing products.  The NT-TEMP and NT-ROOM-S communicating sensors are designed to work in conjunction with the NetX™ thermostat family.  The remote sensor network allows multiple sensors to be connected in a daisy-chain manner to a NetX thermostat.  The intelligence of the network includes automatic averaging of Indoor Temperature if multiple sensors are connected.  

The GE22-xx and HP32-xx NetX™ thermostats automatically remove the thermostat's internal temperature sensor from the ambient room temperature calculation.  This feature allows the thermostat(s) to be placed in a locked enclosure or a remote location (such as a closet) without the need to remove the NetX thermostat's sensor.  

The UP32-xx thermostat family also allows up to six (6) NT-TEMP or NT-ROOM-S sensors, plus the UP32-xx also includes the feature to either include or ignore the internal temperature sensor on the thermostat.  If you need the NT-TEMP to 'disappear', simply mount it in a closet, run a 2-conductor cable to our nearly invisible NT-FS or NT-RS-S Flush Mount sensor and mount it in the conditioned space.

Need to monitor non-HVAC temperature points such as freezers & refrigerators? The UP32-xx can handle up to 3 additional sensors.