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Wired XBus

Thermostat Systems

Gas/Electric up to 2-Heat / 2-Cool

Heat Pump up to 3-Heat / 2-Cool

Network Controller with Integrated Scheduling

Use Net/X PC Command Center Software or Net/X-Web Cloud Suite

Control and monitor your HVAC systems from your PC with the Net/X communicating thermostat solution. Designed for residential or commercial applications, large or small, new or retrofit, communicating thermostats, provide control without the loss of comfort. A total Energy Management System that provides network based monitoring and control solution that is easy to install, simple to use and cost effective. Using a navigation program installed either in the 'cloud' or on your PC, set-up, schedule and manage your facility from your office or online, the Net/X solution makes Energy Management accessible and affordable for all.

These communicating thermostats can be easily installed and integrated into a wide variety of applications. Whether you have gas, electric or heat pumps, our thermostats work with virtually all equipment, 1 or 2 stages.

Reduce energy consumption and equipment run-time and rest assured that your system is saving operating dollars every day.

If pulling communication cables to the thermostats would be cumbersome, use the StrongMesh Wireless components to make installation a snap.

For volume pricing and reseller pricing, contact the factory at 866-563-0711.
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Thermostat Network Controller w/clock & software
NT-IPXB Thermostat Network Controller
Retail Price $499.00

network communicating thermostats, heat pump
HP32-NX Network Communicating Heat Pump Thermostat
Retail Price $375.00

3 Heating Stages and 2 Cooling Stages
Aux Heat and Emergency Heat
Automatic Changeover
Wired XBUS Communications
WIRELESS XBUS Communications (see WBM-1 and WCM-2)
network communicating thermostats
GE22-NX Network Communicating Gas/Electric Thermostat
Retail Price $375.00

2 Heating Stages and 2 Cooling Stages
Automatic Changeover
Wired XBUS Communications
WIRELESS XBUS Communications (see WBM-1 and WCM-2)